Karnataka State is in the southwestern part of India. It is mainly a tableland and an extension of Deccan plateau. It is rhomboid in shape. The state extends to 805 km from north to south and to about 283 km from east to west. The total area of the state is 192,493 sq. km.

Mysuru district lies in the Southern Maidan (Southern Plateau) and it is in the southernmost part of Karnataka State. Physiographically, the region in which the district is found may be classified as partly maidan and partly semimalnad (malnad hilly lands). The district forms the southern part of the Deccan peninsula with Tamil Nadu to its southeast, the Kodagu district to its west, Mandya district to its north, Hassan district to its northwest and Bangalore district to its northeast.

Mysuru district forms a distinct land unit, besides being a cultural entity lying between 11°30′ N to 12°50′ N latitudes and 75°45′ E to 77°45′ E longitudes. It covers an area of 6854 sq. km. that is, 3.57 per cent of the state’s total geographical area. It holds the sixth place in the state in terms of the area with a population of 2.641 million in 2001.

Sl. No Name of the Institution Aided Unaided
PG Colleges                               
1 St. Philomena’s PG Centre, Bannimantap    Aided      – 
Degree Colleges                 
1 St. Joseph’s Degree College , Jayalakshmipuram Mysuru   Unaided
2 St. Joseph’s College for Women , Sathgally    Unaided
Pre University Colleges      
1 St. Joseph’s PU College , Jayalakshmipuram   Unaided
2 St. Philomena’s PU College, Bannimantap Mysuru    Aided  
3 St. Joseph’s PU College , Sathgally, Mysuru   Unaided
4 St. Joseph’s PU College, Rajivnagar, Mysuru   Unaided
5 Sacred Heart PU College , Naganahalli , Mysuru District   Unaided
6 St. Mary’s PU College , H.D Kote, Mysuru Distrcict   Unaided
7 St. Anthony’s PU College , Dornahalli , K.R Nagar, Mysuru   Unaided
8 St. Anthony’s PU College, Gayathripuram   Unaided
High School                              
1 St. Joseph’s High School , Jayalakshmipuram   Unaided
2 St. Matthias High School , Bannimantap   Unaided
3 St. Joseph’s Central School , Yelwal   Unaided
4 St. Joseph’s High School , Rajivnagar   Unaided
5 St. Joseph’s Central School , Vijaynagar   Unaided
6 St. Philomena’s High School(Kan&Eng)N.R Mohalla Mysuru    Aided  
7 St. Rita’s High School , Mysuru South , Mysore   Unaided
8 Sacred Heart High School , Naganahalli , Mysuru District    Aided  
9 Fr. Gregorious English Medium High School , Pushpagiri, Mysuru   Unaided
10 St. Mary’s High Schoo , H.D Kote , Mysore District    Aided  
11 Little Flower High School , T. Narsipura, Mysuru   Unaided
12 St. Anthony’s High School ,(Kan&Eng) , Gayathripuram    Aided  
13 St. Mary’s Central School , H.D Kote, Mysore District    
14 St. Anthony’s High School, Dornahalli , K.R Nagar, Mysuru    
Higher Primary & Primary Schools      
1 St. Philomena’s Lower Primary Girl’s School, Church Compound, Mys    Aided  
2 St. Joseph’s Higher Primary School, Jayalakshmipuram    
3 St. Matthias Higher Primary School, Bannimantap    
4 St. Joseph’s Higher Primary School, Rajivnagar    
5 St. Mary’s Higher Primary School, Church Compound, Mysuru    
6 St. Joseph’s Lower Primary School, Church Compound, Mysuru    Aided  
7 St. Theresa’s Higher Primary School, Mysore South, Mysore    
8 St. Joseph’s Higher Primary School, N.R Mohalla , Mysuru    Aided  
9 Shanthipriya Higher Primary School, Jampanahalli, Mysuru    Aided  
10 Sacred Heart Primary School, Naganahalli , Mysuru District    Aided  
11 Infant Jesus Higher Primary School, Pushpagiri , Mysuru    Aided  
12 St. Anthony’s Primary  School, Dornahalli, K.R Nagar , Mysuru    
13 Christ  Higher Primary School, T. Narsipura , Mysuru    
Nursery Schools:
1 St.Philomena’s Nursery School, Church Compund, Mysuru    
2 St. Joseph’s Nursery School, Jayalakshmipuram    
3 St. Matthias Nursery School, Bannimantap    
4 St. Joseph’s Nursery School, Yelwal    
5 St. Joseph’s Nursery School, Rajivnagar    
6 St. Mary’s Nursery School, Church Compound, Mysuru    
7 St. Theresa’s Nursery School, Mysore South , Mysore    
8 St. Mary’s Nursery School, H.D Kote. Mysuru District    
9 St. Anthony’s Nursery  School, Dornahalli, K.R Nagar , Mysuru    
10 St. Joseph’s Nursery School, Periyapatna    
11 St. Joseph’s Nursery School, Periyapatna, Mysuru District    
12 St. Joseph’s Higher Primary School  Jamapanhalli    
B.ED Colleges :  
1  St. Joseph’s College for Education, Jayalakshmipuram, Mysuru    Aided  

Degree / Post Graduation College Postal address

  1. St. Philomena’s Degree College, Bannimantap
    Principal :: Dr. T. Ruth Shantha Kumari
    Phone :: 0821 – 4240973, 4240900
    Website :: www.stphilos.ac.in

    E-mail :: stphilos1946@gmail.com 
  2. St. Joseph’s College of Education, Jayalakshmipuram
    Principal:: Dr. Priya Mathew
    Phone:: 0821- 25119912
    Website :: www.stjcollegeofeducationmysuru.in

    E-mail:: stjosephcollege2012@gmail.com  
  3. St. Joseph’s Degree College, Jayalakshmipuram
    Principal:: Dr. Niveditha
    Phone:: 0821 – 2410744
    Website :: www.sjdcjayalakshmipurammysuru.in

    E-Mail:: sjcmysore@gmail.com  
  4. St Joseph’s Evening College Jayalakshmipuram, Mysuru
    Principal:: Dr. Sunil Kumar
    Phone:: 0821- 2410744
    Website :: www.sjdcjayalakshmipurammysuru.in

    E-Mail:: sjcmysore@gmail.com  
  5. St. Joseph’s College for women Sathgally Mysuru
    Principal:: Dr. Anisha Kumar
    Phone:: 0821 2511045, 2410744, 8277020260
    Website :: www.stjosephswomenscollege.in


Pre-University Colleges

  1. St. Philomena’s PU College, Bannimantap
    Principal:: Rev. Fr. M.Vincent
    Phone:: 0821 – 24377332
    E-Mail:: stphilospuc@gmail.com
  2. St. Joseph’s PU College, Jayalakshmipuram
    Principal:: Miss. Mary Jennifer
    Phone:: 0821 – 2510373
    Website :: www.sjpucjayalakshmipurammysuru.in

    E-Mail:: stjosephpuc@yahoo.in  
  3. St. Anthony’s PU College, Gayathripuram
    Principal:: Mrs. Shashikala D.S
    Phone:: 0821 – 2457744 / 2457755
    E-Mail:: stanthonyspucmys@gmail.com
  4. St. Mary’s PU College, H.D. Kote Taluk, Mysore District
    Principal:: Mr. Santhosh Kumar
    Phone:: 08228 – 257656
    E-Mail:: st.maryspucollegenn197@gmail.com
  5. Sacred Heart PU College, Naganahalli, H.D. Kote Taluk, Mysore Dist.
    Principal::Mr. Joseph.A
    Phone:: 9731250997  
  6. St. Anthony’s PU College, Dornahalli, K.R. Nagar Tq. Mysore Dist.
  7. St. Joseph’s PU College Rajivnagar, Mysuru
    Website :: www.stjosephsrajivnagaredu.in  
  8. St. Joseph’s PU College Sathgally, Mysuru
    Principal:: Miss Christiana Taylor
    Website :: www.stjosephswomenscollege.in


High School

  1. St. Philomena’s High School, (Kan & Eng) N.R. Mohalla, Mysuru
    Head Master :: Mr. Ronald Goveas
    Phone:: 0821 – 2521966
    Website :: www.stphiloshsmysuru.in

  2. St. Anthony’s High School, (Kan & Eng) Gayathripuram, Mysore
    Head Master :: Mr. Stanislaus Ronald Lobo
    Phone::0821 – 2457744
    E-Mail:: stanthonyshsmysore@gmail.com
  3. St. Rita’s High School, Mysore South, Mysuru
    HeadMaster :: Mr. Rajappa
    Phone:: 0821 – 2489468
  4. St. Joseph’s Central School, Vijayanagar, Mysuru
    Head Mistress::Mrs. Mary Margaret Nirmala
    Phone:: 0821 – 2303945
    Website :: www.sjcsvijaynagarmysuru.in

    E-Mail:: stjosephcentral@rediffmail.com  
  5. St. Joseph’s Central School, Yelwal, Mysuru
    Head Mistress:: Mrs. Elizabeth S Thomas
    Phone:: 0821 – 2972347
    Website :: www.sjcsyelwalmysuru.in

    E-Mail:: sjcsym_30@rediffmail.com  
  6. St. Joseph’s School(CBSE) Jayalakshmipuram, Mysuru
    Principal:: Rev. Fr. Jomi
    Phone:: 0821- 2513637
    Website :: www.sjsjayalakshmipurammysuru.in

    E-Mail:: sjpsjlp@gmail.com  
  7. St. Mathias High School, Bannimantap, Mysore
    Head Master ::Mr. Yesu Bhaskar
    Phone:: 0821 – 2491135
    Website :: www.stmatthiasschoolmysuru.in
    E – Mail :: stmatthiasbtophs@gmail.com  
  8. Fr. Gregorios English Medium High School, Pushpagiri, Mysore
    Head Master ::Mr. Arun Santhanraj
  9. St. Mary’s High School, H.D. Kote, Mysore District.
    Head Master ::Mr.Sagayaraj
  10. Sacred Heart High School, Naganahalli, Mysore District
    Head Master ::Mr.Joseph. A
  11. Little Flower Church High School, T.Narasipura, Mysore Dist.
    Head Master ::Mr. Cyprian Lobo
  12. St. Anthony’s High School, Dornahalli, K.R. Nagar, Mysore Dist.  
  13. St. Mary’s English Medium High School, Cathedral Campus, Mysore.
    Head Mistress:: Mrs. Philomena.H
    Phone::0821 – 2563190
  14. St. Joseph’s High School, Rajivnagar (Devanooru), Mysuru
    Head Master ::Mr. Christopher
    Phone::0821 – 2511048


Higher Primary & Primary Schools

  1. St. Mathias Higher Primary School, Bannimantap, Mysore
    Head Mistress::Mrs.Pamela Joseph Awale
    Phone::0821 – 2491335
  2. St. Joseph’s Higher Primary School, N.R. Mohalla, B.N. Road, Mysore
    Head Master ::Mr.Lowrence
  3. St. Mary’s Higher Primary School, Church Compound, Mysore
    Head Mistress:: Sr. Philomena Joseph
    Phone:: 0821 – 2563190
  4. Infant Jesus Higher Primary School, Pushpagiri, Mysore
    Head Mistress:: Sr. Vyakulamary
    Phone:: 9902975895
  5. St. Joseph’s Lower Primary Boys School, Church Compound, Mysore
    Head Mistress:: Sr. Mariyamma
    Phone:: 0821 – 2563190
  6. St. Philomena’s Lower Primary Girls School, Church Compound, Mysore
    Head Mistress:: Sr. Lourd Mary
    Phone:: 0821 – 2563190
    E-Mail:: lourdspaul211@gmail.com
  7. Sacred Heart Primary School, Naganahalli, Mysore Dist.
    Head Master ::Mr. Christin Louis
    Phone:: 908819182
  8. Shanthipriya Higher Primary School, Jampanahalli, Mysore Dist.
    Head Mistress::Mrs. Mary Josephine

Nursery Schools

  1. St. Mathias Nursery School, Bannimantap, Mysore
    Head Mistress:: Mrs. Vida Vaz
    Phone::0821 – 2493530
  2. St. Mary’s Nursery School, Cathedral Campus, Mysuru
    Head Mistress::Miss. Mary Jacintha
    Phone:: 0821 – 2563190
  3. St. Joseph’s Nursery School , Yelwal , Mysuru
    Head Mistress:: Miss. Bina Shantha Maria
    Phone :: 7899865325
  4. St. Joseph’s Nursery School , Jayalakshmipuram
    Head Mistress :: Mrs. Deepthi Gomes
    Phone :: 0821 – 2518450
    E-Mail :: stjosephsnurseykids@gmail.com
  5. St. Joseph’s Nursery School , Rajivnagar
    Head Mistress:: Mrs. Josephine Mrizula. J L
    Phone :: 0821 – 2511045
    E-Mail ::